Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Peace and light.

We begin the 2011 edition of "you gotta be bleeping me" with the shootings in Arizona. One gunman, too many shots, too many tears. Disgust, anger and resentment. How did this happen and why did this happen query's...

In a world or even better, in a country where such an overwhelming double standard exists, it comes as NO surprise that the uproar over these horrible murders is ringing unusually loud. Meanwhile in Chicago...New Orleans...Oakland...NYC...Miami...

I'm not saying that people shouldn't be outraged, THEY SHOULD but when murder and crimes in major cities, impoverished areas occur there is an equally deafening silence. It isn't enough to suggest that race is involved or tea bagging nutjobs like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin and bible burning preachers or military funeral protesters, I get why the media is all over the story and the somber tones that are taken while reporting it. I get it...

However I don't get how this double standard of watching young people die/kill each other is more of a head shaking dilemma for American media while the recent shooting in AZ is somehow confirmation that we have serious problems as a republic.

Clearly people dying on the streets of major cities is just population control while in Arizona the somber tones are more of a reflection of how American media views Americans. We like our tragedies multifaceted with a crazed mugshot and congresswomen and 9 year olds caught in the crossfire of an idiot as opposed to cities full of blank faces or colored faces, Americans who might not be American enough for America to care.

Peace and light.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Here We Go (Again)

Funny how one announcement can get even the most distant Chicagoan interested in what goes on in Chicago. Current Mayor Richard Daley announced recently that he had had enough. Not seeking re-election for the office he's held since the "great" 80's. Call it what you will, jumping ship, quitting, abort rescue mission whatever the terminology -it's a wrap. Job well done? Depends on who you ask. If you poll most Chicagoans you'll hear a chorus of adios amigos. Mayor hasn't exactly made friends with the citizenry. Rampant privatization of every AND ANYTHING not nailed down, a sinking school system and the mother of all "oops I made a mistake, that's all" the 2016 Olympic debacle...might be time to pack it in.

Who'll replace the unbeatable one? To paraphrase Dr. King, every village and hamlet is jumping at the chance for the number one spot. From homeless street entrepreneurs to 800 seat baptist preachers to the former Chief of Stuff at the White House Mr. Rahm Emanuel. You all know Rahm right? The foul mouthed go getter from Chicago's North side. The man who is going to be attached to the economic morass that plagues the poorer parts of this city. Rahm who is already trying to change the image of himself as a bit of a jerk into the man who can put a nearly bankrupt city back together.

If you know anything about politics, you know good and damned well that money wins elections. In Chicago however money and "machine muscle" win elections. Members of the Latino and Black communities also help win elections and Rahm has little connect with those two communities. He kicked off his "Tell It Like It Is" tour this week and got told. Rahm better be wary of the two aforementioned communities. There is power in numbers and men and women are literally lining up like the scene in Airplane to hit all of these candidates in the face with a bit of telling it like it is. It's bad. Not quite sure Rahm or anyone else can fix that.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


peace...been a long time and I have thoughts about Haiti, Obama, sports and all of that stuff but at the moment I want you to check out the show and pass it on.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So I read the transcript of the President's speech...thats what the right wing was all upset about? Stay in school and be serious about your studies? Follow the example of greatness as opposed to mediocrity? Oh - I thought the My Favorite Martian antennae would appear from President Obama's head and guide us to "the ship".

So I noticed that most of the opposition came from the White Right. I also know that many black people are upset with 44 for a number of reasons and all I can ask is, what size Tin Foil Hat do you want? Particularly to people of color, what in the blue hell is wrong with you? Go local black folks - we must think locally even for a brief moment so that our streets are secure and free of what the White Right operates on - FEAR.

The Republic almost went under during the Bush administration and every American was bracing themselves everyday under color coded cookie sheeted terrorist alerts while the economic stability of the US became questionable at best. The marching orders given to hundreds of American soldiers to basically fight a blind mission in the deserts of Iraq and the mountainous region of Afghanistan did not receive HALF of the hatred of the White Right like this speech to school children has.

18 minutes of your kids day - THAT'S IT! In 18 minutes your child would get something that is special within itself a message from the President that is certain to inspire at least one child to be a better person, a better citizen, a much better student. The parents of these children who are afraid that Obama will lead those kids into some sort of socialist melange are seriously warped and perhaps - LEAVING THE US would work better for you. The racism in this country is more abrasive that ANYTHING that the Obama administration could ever do to or for your children. In fact - get off the whole color thing yo! It's two thousand and fucking nine already. You had your moment now let's see if the man and his administration can actually do his job. I am not happy with everything he's done but I will say this, after the display of the racist White Right and angry blacks, I support this President MORE THAN EVER if for no other reason so that he doesn't fight alone.

Please admit that you have a fundamental issue with President Obama's pigment because clearly his policy does not bother you. He's done more in 7 months than Bush did in nearly 8 years. This Presidency is 7 MONTHS OLD what the fuck is wrong with you people? Glenn Beck and the rest of the traitors who short of death are wishing, hoping for the end of their ultimate nightmare.

Here is Glenn Beck who is making a career of scaring the shit out of the fear worshipers who love being scared out of their shit everyday. Glenn Beck is gathering all of the info he can to prove that President Obama is racist...hey Glenn, FUCK YOU! YOU are the racist and YOU are the fear monger and hate worshiper and you will remember how and why you failed. This President does not frighten people who know the difference between a melted Snicker bar and a pile of shit. Glenn, grab a box of Aluminium Foil and form it in the shape of a happy helmet, strap it on your obtuse angled head and stand in the fucking sun because that is where the fun is baby.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I know that this is going to upset many and among the "many" I'm speaking about friends as well but...it's time for an identity check. The 80th Bud Billiken Day Parade took place here in Chicago on Saturday and honestly - the parade embarrassed me. The sight of young women poppin' their cooter on TV was frightening at best.

If I learned nothing else from the parade I learned that a lot of black folks, more than I ever imagined have blond hair and
that I believed all this time was most impossible, a lot of our kids are obese but very limber, we are easily entertained by bad entertainers, our legends are tired, we will dance all over that ass, the back to school portion of what was once a great parade has been lost.

Don't get me wrong I embrace the idea of my people getting together and showing America how we get down. I just haven't witnessed the get down part yet. Admittedly I did not attend this years parade but I watched it on TV and you know what? I didn't see one book or backpack or anything related to school. I
did see SEX and plenty of it.

Earlier this week the Chicago Public Schools made the silly decision to ask the singer of the song Birthday Sex,
Jeremih to be the poster boy for the Back to School effort. Not only was this so horribly planned, it carried over into this years parade and sex is still selling. With the horrendous number of deaths of school aged kids this year alone, the parade would be better suited dealing directly with that issue and toning down the potential spike in the population based on Shaquinta and her limber vagina.

I know that this makes me sound like a cat that doesn't like fun - quite the opposite I love having a good time. But what does it say about the educators and parents of these children whose hormones are flying out of control not to mention many who have suffered as a result of unwanted
STD's and pregnancies. I'm saying it today: kill the parade for at least one year. Take that money to bombard the community that it surrounds with school supplies, health and wellness info and vouchers for uniforms if the school requires them. Let this 80 year old have a year of reflection so that we can be proud of what it represented for many of us for many years.

See it isn't the parade that is the problem, it's how my people act when that spotlight hits us and I feel qualified to say that we could use some "
how the fuck to act in front of 25 million people" lessons. I can only hope that the many will stand in front of the few and see what I and many others are seeing. Before anybody gets all messed up in the head - I am from the "hood" and I converse with these young folks daily. I will pass my thoughts on to them and listen to their opinion and I already know that they won't like what I am saying to them.

But I can't look at
Shaquinta and her cooter on TV anymore...thank God the parade doesn't include a pole. The Chicken and Hennessy Parade is not a good look...

Saturday, August 1, 2009


So here is Thursday's radio show - nftse

hope you enjoy it knowing that most of the city DID NOT HEAR IT! Pass it on freely...

peace power and progress


Thursday, July 16, 2009



I will have a bigger statement on the Burr Oak situation as soon as I find out if my people are in there...craziest thing I have ever heard of in my life and I totally mean that...soon come with commentary.


So at 10am this morning the name of Sears Tower changed to Willis Tower. Outside of my instant outrage at corporate name changes, I think this is a chance to really support a really dumb-assed idea. Hopefully the good folks at Willis thought about the reaction of locals when it comes to landmark name changes.

Grant Park was fine but then Mayor GimmeYoMoneyThe Olympics Are Comin' put a park IN THE PARK THAT WAS ALREADY A PARK - Millenium Park. Comiskey Park (as evil as he may have been - Comiskey that is) is now US Cellular Field...no more Chicago Stadium - Standard Oil Building...shit like that makes Chicagoans blink and twitch.

Now don't think for a second that the local TV networks won't run the Willis name in the ground - oh you KNOW they will. If (man I hope this doesn't happen) a major disaster or another Spiderman like character decides to make the Tower his backdrop, the media will call it Willis Tower. COUNT ON IT.

I won't cause Willis Tower is Arnold's brothers building given to him when Mr. Drummond died...what? Conrad Bain is dead? Oh man...


I really hope that soon to be Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor gets Lindsey Graham and Senators Jeff Sessions and Tom Coburn...hope she gets the pictures of them in Powdered Wigs and lipstick kissing each others ass while they dance and pee on pictures of each others wives and the flag - fucking hate those guys...good luck Sis. Sotomayor.


GO WHITE SOX! Go away Cubs.

The Bears start Training Camp in a few weeks...if you are over 6 feet tall and have good hands, the Bears need you at Wide Reciever.

The Blackhawks will fire you even if you do well...that McDonough is no punk - just ask the Tribune Co. and the Chicago Cubs. I think the Cubs asked him to leave because he called a lot of people out for being inept. Too bad Cub fans - if he would've been able to do his job you might have a series by now...HA HA HA HA no you wouldn't.

See you on the radio - whpk.org 2pm (Central) Thursdays - News From the Service Entrance the radioshow.